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Matrix Re-imprinting is the latest advancement of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) that combines inner child healing, advanced EFT and quantum physics. It is based on the newest science and it is ideal for those who want rapid results. 

The technique literally re-imprints our limiting experiences creating harmony, balance and empowerment. This process is excellent to come to peace with any kind of trauma, powerless or helplessness. For example:

  • Job loss or being put down at work
  • Relationship break-up or Divorce
  • Accident like fractures, car accidents, injuries
  • Bullying, make to feel small or weak
  • Over-worked mom or employee
  • Coping with loss, grief or sadness
  • Flighting in the home or at work
  • Financial worry
  • Illness, health issue
  • Physical pain or tension
  • Verbal, physical or sexual abuse

From my personal experience of having conducted trainings and worked with 1000s of client's around the world, Matrix Re-imprinting provides many side benefits too, for example:

  • Looking and feeling younger
  • Increased confidence
  • Feeling more empowered
  • More confidence
  • Greater harmony and peace
  • More motivated 

Matrix Re-imrpinting also has the benefit of clearing:

  • The T-1 trauma moment (the moment before the trauma occurs as sometimes there is an inner knowing that the trauma is going to occur and there can be regret as a result of not heeding the inner signal). 
  • The shock, numbness or frozen feeling - according to Dr Robert Scar unlike animals, humans are unable to release the shock as the trauma occurs instead it gets stored inside. 
  • Allowing the child who experienced the trauma to be charge
  • Enabling a full emptying out and organic forgiveness
  • Coming to peace with the previous trauma
  • Re-setting what happened with an empowering perspective
  • Allowing a connection with universal source energy, integration and wholeness

The beauty of Matrix work is that it makes a connection with the inner child that felt powerless and helpless that can also get frozen in time, known as the ECHO in Matrix Re-imprinting. The ECHO become the client enabling the child to claim their power back. 

Once Matrix Re-imprinting is learnt is stays with you for life. Practitioners who use Matrix re-imrpinting notice it allows more rapid resolution and they are able to complete within fewer session and as a result charge clients more per session. This benefits practitioners by increasing their quality of life (more income with less time spent in sessions) and benefits client's with faster resolution. 

To experience it for yourself come along to our 4 Day EFT Training program in Delhi, organised in conjunction with New Age Foundation and Sandeep Goswamy. I will introduce Matrix Re-imprinting on Day 4 after the foundational and advanced EFT training.

The next dates are Feb 23rd - 26th 2012 in Bamyan Hotel Delhi.

This 4 day training program is appropriate for those who want to learn the technique for themselves, work with friends or family or become professionally qualified as a Globally accredited EFT practitioner. Practitioner certificate is awarded on successful completion of the course, case studies and multiple choice questionnaire. More details of the course content can be found on

Our free book on EFT can be downloaded from

About Vitality Living College

We offer training in therapeutic and coaching skills like, emotional freedom techniques (EFT), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis, life coaching and executive coaching.

Our trainings are globally accredited providing professional certification, mentoring and business building set-up skills for well-ness and coaching professionals. 

Book onto our courses to learn the skills to use on yourself or to become a professionally qualified as a practitioner, coach or trainer.

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