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Stop fulfilling expectations of others, because that is the only way you can commit suicide.

Stop fulfilling expectations of others, because that is the only way you can commit suicide. You are not here to fulfill anybody´s expectations and nobody else is here to fulfill your expectations. Never become a victim of others´ expectations and don´t make anybody a victim of your expectations.

This is what I call individuality. Respect your own individuality and respect others´ individuality. Never interfere in anybody´s life and don´t allow anybody to interfere in your life. Only then one day you can grow into spirituality.

Otherwise, ninety-nine percent of people simply commit suicide. Their whole life is nothing but a slow suicide. Fulfilling this expectation, that expectation... some day it was the father, some day it was the mother, some day it was the wife, husband, then come children - they also expect. Then the society, the priest and the politician. All around everybody is expecting. And poor you there, just a poor human being - and the whole world expecting you to do this and that. And you can´t fulfill all of their expectations, because they are contradictory.

You have gone mad fulfilling everybody´s expectations. And you have not fulfilled anybody´s. Nobody is happy. You are lost, wvasted, and nobody is happy. People who are not happy with themselves cannot be happy. Whatsoever you do, they will find ways to be unhappy with you, because they cannot be happy.

Happiness is an art that one has to learn. It has nothing to do with your doing or not doing. Instead of pleasing, learn the art of happiness.

~ Osho

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Love it !! Thanks for sharing
I am in full agreement with mr Goswami. Afterall it is my own life and I have exclusive rights to live it in my individuallity
I Feel Happiness is a state of mind , In whatever situation feel the presence of peace inside is happiness for me.
Thanks Sandeep for the lovely message.
Fulfilling others expectations leads one to nothing. One cannot satisfy all the people all of the time. Even if one was to fulfill every bit of expectation of one person, the person would still not be satisfied. This is the way of life. One day the mind likes something next day it will despise the same thing it liked yesterday. The mind is fickle and we are a slve to the fickle mind.

The way to get out of this well of expectations is to learn more about yourself, Who am I? What is the mind? Am I this mind?

Triming the branches and leaves of a the tree will grow new leaves and branches. A lot of useless effort will be spent on trimming again and again. Its much more practical to remove the roots. Takes a bit of time and effort but not impossible.

Shirley McLaine once said: "I think of life itself now as a wonderful play that I've written for myself ... and so my purpose is to have the utmost fun playing my part."

If we are truly spiritual beings having a human experience, then we can take it that our spiritual self is here to 'experience' as much as we can through the human vehicle - this includes to laugh, to love and to be loved, to give of ourselves, to receive, to experience life through our emotions. So, if life is an adventure, then let's be bold and go out and actually LIVE! Happy travelling!
Thank you Sandeep for the nice message, it shall definitely help people to live a happy and satisfied life.

Very True  is always better to love our self :)


Very nice thing lot questions were there in me but this small question has replied my all answers:)


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