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From Panic to Peace

Shaliny had been suffering from panic attacks and extreme fear with anxiety and this was what she had to say after attending one of our EFT Re-union Days (open to all graduates of any of our EFT trainings):

Picture of Shaliny Booluck during our EFT Re-union day, London, June 2011

"I've had panic attacks many times.  I didn't expect one to come up during the EFT reunion day.  When I look back, I am most happy that this happened. Rangana and the other EFT delegates helped me through the strong emotions coming up.

I felt that all-too familiar fear build up in my chest. I couldn't breathe, started screaming, was shaking and within seconds I lost total control on myself. Rangana's gentle voice helped me focus again. She used the tapping techniques very gently with me, moving along the main points. I felt like a baby being reassured that everything is ok.

I slowly calmed down and I felt my muscles relax as Rangana continued the tapping and the other delegates helped me with grounding and holding the healing space. I felt most grateful for their help, not knowing that the best part was yet to come! As we did more tapping during the day and worked with EFT, a total shift happened within me.

While tapping, I felt I was going back to a time where the fear first came up.  Time seemed to freeze as I felt all fear melt away. For a moment I felt like there was nothing there - no thoughts, no emotions.  It felt like I was reborn as a totally new person. The first emotion that came up after that was love, total love for myself and this is something I haven't experienced before.

This love hasn't left me from that moment and I feel like a child willing to discover life for the first time. Thank you Rangana for sharing your love, understanding and beautiful knowledge. I admire your intuition and how you helped me shift from someone who felt useless and unloved to feeling totally loved and accepted."

Shaliny Booluck, Practitioner, Inspirer & IT Co-ordinator

Do you work therapeutically with people who have fears, anxiety or panic and would like to add another technique to what you already do? Or like Shaliny are keen to learn techniques to help yourself? With anixety and panic I teach how to work in layers. The first is the surface sensations, feelings and fears. The next layer includes uncovering the deeper emotions that are felt as a result of feeling panic or anxiety. The final layer is the root cause of the panic or anxiety, which is usually an event or series of events.

If you are drawn to learning more to either become a Practitioner or learn the technique to help yourself your next step would be to attend EFT trainings approved by the Global accrediting body AAMET. The next AAMET approved EFT training delivered by myself is in Delhi Feb 23rd - 26th 2011.

During the 4 days you will learn the following ways to work with fear, panic or anxiety:

  • Reducing the physical sensations, stress and tension caused by anxiety, fear and panic
  • Getting to the root cause of fear as well as extreme fears like phobias which can develop as a result of panic and anxiety
  • Using the gentle and keyword approaches to clear the root cause of anxiety and panic
  • Clearing episodes of helplessness and powerlessness with the latest advancement of EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting

Our free book on EFT can be purchased from

Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD) is a master trainer of EFT - training practitioners, coaches and trainers in EFT, NLP, Hypnosis as well as life coaching and executive coaching. For more go to

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