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Am thankful to God for a beautifully synchronised event that happened last week.

I was quite upset over my job ending so abruptly.(Though I was planning to exit anyways,I had thought on moving on,say a month later- thinking it was all planned out well in advance). That evening,I was thinking to myself what went wrong....I could have earned more money...I could have planned it better(blah..blah blah).

The very next day after I was relieved from my duties,I had to rush a close family member to the hospital,just in time for him to be taken into critical care and saved from what could have been a serious illness.Had I not been at home with him when he fell unconscious,it may have been worse.Also,I could spend quality time with the family at home and the hospital,without having to worry about work or taking leaves from work.

I can now also explore amazing new work opportunities that are coming my way,with ease.

The universe has its own "perfectly well planned" way of doing things,better than our most well planned calendars! 

So I take this opportunity to earnestly Thank the Divine for planning it better than me, and for everyone's highest good!

What was that one good thing that happened to you in the last one week / one month, which you are thankful for may have been upset with the experience in the first instance...but when you looked back- it was a blessing in disguise....

As they say...Every Experience is a Success.

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YES! :) And I read this post right when I was reading on gratitude by a beloved master.. so maybe this message is for you-


God is sweet and benign, and does not need our thanks however earnest, but we need to thank Him. Thankfulness opens us further to His guiding grace and abundance. The attitude of gratitude gives altitude to our soul !

Dear Shallu, I formed a concept and a metaphor to understand the Bigger Plan. I call it "zoom-in zoom-out". Just like in any camera, most of the time we work in the "zoom-in" mode - only focusing on what's now and here and staying worried and fearful for the same. It is when we get a chance to "zoom-out", we get to see how certain seemingly painful or difficult events are connected to a bigger and favorable purpose. I have had similar experiences many a times, and have also felt the sense of gratitude for them. From last 2 years or so I am regular on writing my Gratitude List everyday, that also brings a faith in the bigger plan and gives a good sleep. Your experience is worth many "Congratulations".


Sachin Malik

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears"

Well said !

The very thought of gratitude reveals that you are spiritually awakened. God has bestowed upon you His blessings. Another reason for gratitude.


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