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I always wondered about the past and future births, as we understand the soul is not destroyable and it imbibes different attributes each time it comes to the life.

Well what exactly is Karma? Is it the deeds and misdeeds committed by the Soul during its cycle, for which the new physical being goes through the turmoil due to the particular soul in it or the other way round ? I presume it is both ways......

Karma on the other hand is classified as work, for eg. a Karma Yogi practices good, honest and committed work. That means there is Good Karma and Bad Karma, am I right.

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karma is action taken in a particular situation.any action taken by someone to remove the suffering of others,is good karma.any act done to hurt the other especially for your own selfish purpose,is bad karma.but that doesn't mean you should keep on hurting yourself all the times,just to make others happy.

like if someone is hungry and you give him your bread,this will be considered as your good karma.but if you too are hungry and you eat your bread,then this cant be considered as bad karma.similarly if you are hungry and you steal somebody else bread to satisfy your hunger,it will be considered as your bad karma.

whatever u do with the thought I DID IT  is your karma either good or bad , if u do anything with surrender not attached with the act or result is .....karam mukta.  things r happening u r just a medium only this understanding makes u karammukta.

Meditate daily & then Do What you feel to do. But, Live with conscience, So that you are never going to regret.


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