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Positive emotions have a positive effect on us

Evidence for energy medicine like EFT is based on work from Dr Candace Pert and Dr Deepak Chopra. For example, when we suppress our emotions, our DNA mutates and these mutations can then lead to disease. Likewise, when we welcome and free our negative emotions and start to relax, our body, mind and spirit can naturally heal of its own accord.

Dr Candace Pert demonstrated that the mind is not confined to the brain. Instead, the mind is a "flow of information" moving between all cells, organs and systems of the body. This in-turn implies the body is no longer separate from the mind and that the body is the mind.

Furthermore, research has shown that within the body are a class of tiny proteins, called neuropeptides, and they are responsible for our emotions. These neuropeptides are found within the body and the nervous system where they regulate our mood, behaviour and our health. Therefore, emotions and neuropeptides influence the body-mind and are critical to our well-being.

A scientific study conducted by the Heartmath Institute ( demonstrated that when study participants evoked strong positive emotions like love and appreciation, their DNA increased in length. However, when these same individuals experienced strong negative emotions their DNA became shorter and in some cases terminated. Interestingly, this process was reversed when the individuals switched back to experiencing strong positive emotions. Therefore, emotions influence our DNA and as our emotions change so does our genetic make-up.

Dr Bruce Lipton in “the Biology of Belief” also validated this concept of changing our DNA with our emotions. In his book he describes the process by which we can change our DNA and hence cells. In conclusion, change your beliefs, change your genetic make-up and live the life you want.

Energy accupoint tapping proven to be more effective than cognitive behaviour therapy

Dr Feinstein conducted a study over a 5.5 year period with 500 patients with anxiety disorders. The study compared acupressure tapping treatment (based on EFT) with Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). After the study Dr Feinstein’s team concluded the acupressure point treatment was more effective than CBT in improving the patients condition as well as demonstrating remission of symptoms.

Negative memories cause a disruption in the energy system that EFT clears

EFT combines acupressure point tapping with saying statements out loud based on modern psychology. The tapping action clears blocked channels and the statements re-frame the issues enabling love, understanding and acceptance. It is one of the few treatments that combines touch and talk therapy providing a double benefit. 

EFT cures small animal phobias

Steve Wells published a controlled study in 2003 in the Journal of Clinical Psychology on the use of EFT on Phobias. The study participants had been clinically diagnosed as having phobias to small animals such as bats, spiders, rats and snakes. The participants received one 30 minute explanation of EFT and one session.

After the session all subjects experienced a dramatic drop in fear which was measured by questionnaires, pulse rate and walking toward the animal they feared. The study also found that after 6 months the subjects had a much lower phobia reaction to the animal they feared. Conclusions In conclusion, there is a body of evidence for energy medicine and its positive effects on people, cells and DNA.

Science aside the important point is that EFT works.

As I came from a scientific background I was very sceptical of energy medicine and I only converted once I experienced my own transformation.In addition, I have reviewed the evidence for EFT and now there is a growing body of science and clinical studies that show EFT reduces anxiety, stress, negative emotions, traumatic memories, depression and cravings.

Learning EFT for yourself to become a Practitioner or for self-healing

Our next training is in Delhi (Feb 23rd – 26th 2012 at the Bamyan Hotel, Lajpat Nagar) and being hosted by the New Age Foundation Once these techniques are learnt they can be used as part of a self-healing program or on completion of case studies to become an AAMET approved EFT Practitioner. 

A free booklet on EFT and the key tapping points can be downloaded from Please contact myself if you would like more clinical or scientific information on EFT. ( 


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About the author

Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri has a PhD from Oxford University in Biochemistry & Cancer Research and has worked in the Medical for over 15 years from marketing, sales, medical research to general management. She has run businesses ranging from start-up to $100m and $1bn dollars for healthcare organisations.

Currently Rangana is founder of Vitality Living College ( and Vitality Leadership ( 

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