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There was a time period of Atlantis,when almost everyone on earth had spiritual powers like reiki,clairvoyance,gem ray and many more.that was the period of heaven on earth.with the fall of Atlantis,all these energies returned back to heaven as people became greedy,selfish and started misusing these energies for black magic and many other such activities.

since past 200yrs,these energies are again making their presence feel and are returning back on earth,so that everyone can get an opportunity to heal their soul and the planet earth.

we should work together to save our planet and humanity by keeping aside greed and our personal interests

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It has to begin with ourselves..... The energies on earth and everywhere else in the cosmos are changing... there is no better time tthan now for each one of us to start connecting with the supreme, creator, god, higher power/ vibration anything we associate with and raise our consciousness/ awareness.... and fecilitate our evolution.... this is the demand of the moment.... if we got to make it to the next planes of existence..... together we can and we will!



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