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You Are Not Born With A Destiny. You Are Born With Possibilities. You Choose The Possibilities & Create Your Destiny.

I posted this statement on facebook and a interesting debate statrted so I brought the whole debate here:-) lets have your views ....

Sandeep Goswamy You Are Not Born With A Destiny. You Are Born With Possibilities. You Choose The Possibilities & Create Your Destiny.

    • Greenstone Lobo
      Don't agree wit this :-)
      Ur soul chose to be born at that point in time, based on all the experiences of the past lives.

      And I know u may not like it...but even the possibilities are more, less or abandant based on yr horoscope....wch is but a map of yr destiny :-)See More
      Yesterday at 6:46pm · ·
    • Sandeep Goswamy I agree and what I said was simply that..... what your horoscope also indicates is "Possibilities" the Free Will is to choose them or not :-)
      Yesterday at 6:49pm · ·
    • Gesu Aftab good answer sandeep
      Yesterday at 6:52pm · ·
    • Natesh Mahadevan
      there is no destiny or fate or a perfect rendition of any kind of horoscope that can limit your free will...

      karma is continuously created and can be continuously destroyed also...

      what you did - or did NOT DO - a few months / years ago, is ...your experience of life today...

      so how do you want your next few years to be...

      See More
    • Sanghamitra Sau nice...thanks for such a nice quote

    • Greenstone Lobo
      The 'free will' is an interesting concept....but I'm yet to see anyone who has exercised it.
      In my 15yrs years of research in astrology...I'm yet to see anyone who has come above the limitations of his horoscope and done anything grt!
      I wud l...ike to know if u ppl know anyone!
      Shah Rukh or Sachin, the PM or the begger everyone leads a predestined life.
      Pls let me know if there is an exception.
      See More

    • Natesh Mahadevan
      are you pre-destined to write these words - or is it coming out of your free will after reading all above messages...

      and is this reading writing and interacting itself a predestined event or is there some free will available to you for a op...en-ended review...See More

    • Greenstone Lobo Natesh: I dnt believe in play of words :-)
      I know wht I'm saying and I hav 10000 horoscopes to prove that.
      Can u pls share wit me ONE person's birth data who has rose above his birth chart to achieve anything?

    • Natesh Mahadevan
      lobo - if we can review ANYTHING beyond horoscopic possibilities - a further discussion is possible out of a freewheeling flow of thoughts.

      if we want to limit achievements or its absence to a horoscope - then the limitation itself has alrea...dy taken place. See More

    • Sandeep Goswamy
      A birth chart indicates the possibilities and they are more than one... We choose out of those possibilities but we create our destiny ...
      within a framework of possibilities... My original statement meant

      Quoting Greenstone " Ur soul... chose to be born at that point in time, based on all the experiences of the past lives."

      Do you mean to say that the "soul" created experiences in past lives and
      that time it had free will to do so and now its bound and has no free
      See More

    • Greenstone Lobo
      The free will concept can be applicable only to wht u do now wch is beyond the realms of yr if Shah Rukh Khan, let's say, donates
      50% of his earnings to charity and voluntarily gives up competing in the
      industry and just beco...mes a guiding mentor to all aspiring actors ;-)
      U think its possible?
      Whatver he has achieved so far in life is already seen in his horoscope.

      I'm not talking just abt achievemnts.
      How wud u explain the rape n murder of 10yr old kids??
      No amt of free will wud hav stopped them from undergoing tht trauma....bcos its there in their charts!
      See More

    • Sandeep Goswamy
      Do you mean to say that the "soul" created experiences in past lives and that time it had free will to do so and now its bound and has no free
      will? When the journey of the "soul" started and there was no past
      experience.. it started with a...
      free will... after that it came into a cycle of cause and effect.. and
      that is how it created and continued to create its destiny.... That is
      what Natesh ji is also implying I feel..

      Lets look beyond the horoscope.. a horoscope is part of the process not the beginning... As
      long as we live in unawareness we are bound by the past and thus the
      horoscope too.. we continue to create experiences in a kind of sleep and
      then the horoscope of our next life is created and we choose to take
      birth as per that...that is all true

      My point is simply by becoming aware of this whole process and coming into awareness we can
      drop out of the old pattern and create our next horoscope with awareness
      ... that possibility and choice we always have :-)
      See More

    • Natesh Mahadevan

      IF - the 10 yr old kids got traumatic because of destiny - the people who inflicted that also had it in their destiny and all of their parents
      must have had in their destiny to beget such kids and it goes on forever
      in society... it cannot...
      be that a person does something and suffers consequences forever and
      ever... one mistake and you are condemned forever to hell ?!?!


      the people who did the act with the kids did it out of free will and such
      kids grew up and did the same to other kids out of their free will and
      also one of them got repentant out of free will and got religious and
      outgrew the past and out of free will now runs a organisation to fight
      such activity...


      Just like you are today - out of what you did out of free will yesterday - what you do or dont do today -
      will be your destiny tomorrow alongwith a free will available for the
      day after too...

      its such continuity that one has to discriminate for action or inaction ahead...
      See More

    • Greenstone Lobo
      When I said 'Your soul chose to be born at tht time' I meant it was not accidental....but its a consequence of series of 'your' activities. This
      birth depends upon all yr past karma and the balance in experiences.
      You are 'rewarded' a good b...irth probably bcos of accumulation of good karma over several births n similarly u r 'punished' otherwise.

      Wht u call as 'free will' can be only something tht can help accumulate
      more good karma in THIS birth so tht I'm suitably rewarded in the NEXT!
      If you suggest that u can change THIS birth by free will....I don't
      agree....this birth...good or reflected in the birth chart and
      life exactly unfolds like that.

      I still stand by wht I u hav any ONE instance to show tht someone has changed his
      life from wht he was ordained to....bcos of his FREE WILL??
      See More

    • Natesh Mahadevan
      there is consequence of activities...

      and there is good karma alongside too...

      and there is Free Will to accumulate more good karma...
      which can also be used to accumulate bad karma...


      it is impossible that you can sow a fig seed and get a oak tree - but it was YOU who decided to sow the fig seed...

      as you sow, so you reap - and still you are Free again to sow something else later...
      See More

    • Sandeep Goswamy
      Someone said it beautifully.... "Destiny is the cards you are dealt with and karma is how you play them"...
      Based on how you played you created the next hand that will be dealt to you.......and then comes the question of Inception.. the ver...y
      1st hand :-) and that hand was not dealt to you.. you may have picked
      up the cards randomly (Free Will) or you may have also picked up the
      cards with full awareness (again free will) and it goes on and on :-)
      See More

    • Natesh Mahadevan
      ahaha sandeepbhai... apart from the gamble of playing with cards already dealt and making effort for full show - the reality is to understand
      that there is only 53 cards possible in the game...

      to go beyond limitations of all kinds - is the ...true usage of free will

      otherwise the same risky gamble can be played with all good and bad and dualities
      of all kinds in life... and then - you will have a horoscope saying
      that this is your pattern of playing cards...and still you will play
      something fresh... lolz
      See More

    • Simerjeet Singh Very well said Sandeep ji...

    • Greenstone Lobo
      ‎@Natesh :Its easy to play with words and digress the topic to playing cards.
      I wud only say wht Kepler has said, 'I know wht is free will and I also know Astrology'
      You only know free you can pass it off jovially.
      U learn astrology... first and may be after that we can discuss this on a 'common' platform :-)

      More on Kepler's scientific views on karma, soul n planets....
      See More

    • Natesh Mahadevan
      no digressing.

      no passing off jovially or whatever...

      its good to keep learning - because Nobody knows Everything...

      there are consequences for everything - and there is a foreseeable possibility of an outcome...

      and there is free will - which can be exercised to alter and change the course of future consequences....
      See More

    • Greenstone Lobo
      I'm sure a day will come when u will wonder, 'why this happened to me' and u wud go to an astrologer and he will tell u why it has been like that.
      Till then....u can be happy in yr (imaginary) free will.

      I know it hurts to know that, after al...l we are not running this world.
      But I'm sure the truth will dawn on u sooner or later tht EVERYTHING u do is predestined :-)
      Till then...gud bye.

      Btw: Why dnt u teach this free will stuff to our Indian Cricket Team....I want to see them win the WorldCup 2011.

      Or may be Guyana...I want to see them win the Champions League...can the free will help them do it?
      I'm sure, astrologically, they are NOT DESTINED to do it.
      Any team but not Guyana!
      May be you can WILL them to do it ;-)
      See More

    • Sandeep Goswamy
      The whole idea of talking about playing cards was an analogy with life and the two elements of destiny and karma... I am sure you got the analogy
      right if not the point I am trying to make.. I am a student of astrology
      myself and in fact th...e
      organization I run conducts courses in astrology and a very learned
      teacher takes the course... :-) I am surely not an expert but do know
      enough of it to say what I said... My quest is to go to the root cause
      of this phenomenon of astrology and find out what makes it work and not
      get stuck in the phenomenon itself... We sure are not THE POWER that
      runs this universe but we sure are a small portion of the same... we are
      not the creators but co-creators in the whole process.... surely not
      the whole but a part of the whole and without even a single part .. the
      whole is incomplete :-)
      Anyway thanks Lobo & Natesh .. I really enjoyed this exchange
      See More

    • Greenstone Lobo Thanks Sandeepji.
      I too :-)

    • Natesh Mahadevan
      forget cards or cricket... ( without digressing.. lolz )

      in the game of life - there is enough flexibility for all kinds of consequences and many a path and method to amend adapt and alter an
      individual's action or inaction and also such res...ponsibility further defines the individual's growth speed and direction , at all times...

      if you want to take responsibility - you can create consequences

      if you want to sit back and leave it to the stars - there can be enough
      match-fixing that stumps any kind of prediction or possibility.. lolz
      See More

    • Greenstone Lobo
      I respect Mr.Sandeep's discreet msg and dnt want to continue this further.
      If u want to hav the last say in this...u can do so.
      I think its meaningless to talk when we are not on the same platform...u need to learn astrology to understand the... true meaning of 'free will'
      Till then don't use that term so freely.

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"Destiny is the cards you are dealt with and karma is how you play them" very true. I am also strongly believing in that.

we are born with a destiny. But we can change it with strong will of mind. Another thing my policy " change yourself and you can change your destiny". Do all karmas with no attachment. and think result of all karmas as a pooja to Iswar. So that you are free from all worries and and keep spirit of happiness in your heart. And Do all karmas with complete dedication to God.
there is a astrology and there is a free will. If we consider astrology is the destiny finder for us, then whole law of attraction become contradictory and fails. If we choose the free will , then the concept of astrology is challenged.

I think we are destined to do something in life, but there is no proof/clue how free will can change our destiny.
My point is if i can identify my destiny/bad karma, i should be in a position to replce with good karma and change my destiny as per my requirement.The problems of this world can be solved in a single stroke of changing all destinies of people.

Actually the biggest challenge is to find our destiny, horosope/astrology is just a tool but not the complete solution in itself.
The ongoing discussion relates to the relationship between cause and effect; and the core of it is to have a better idea as to whether it is written destiny or destiny is written; and, astrological explanation to it. The issue is whether the effect is pre-written and to facilitate happening of the so-written-effect specific cause has to take place; or, it is a simple mechanism of cause and effect in which cause precedes the effect and the effect is resultant element.
To me, cause is the main force and the effect is the resultant element. Here a question arises; if it is so, then wherefrom comes the role of a horoscope and what does it mean to read a horoscope. The birth-chart, in relation to a person, is a picture of planetary combination of a particular moment in our solar system. Taking into consideration the nature or vibes of the planets and the characteristics of 12 Houses and Signs in a horoscope, the pattern of life of a person is understood with the limitations of desh/kaal/patra. What can be read from a horoscope is the pattern of life, the pattern chosen with reference to the planetary combination in our solar system at the time of birth. We can foresee only the tendencies and possibilities in a horoscope as the planets of our solar system are not the only factor affecting our lives but the whole Universe is affecting the life in some way or the other.
There is another issue as to who decides the destiny and who can make changes in the destiny and wherefrom does the role of God comes into picture in all this. Here, I agree with the modern-age rishi or drashta, Albert Einstein who said that the God is a verb not noun; and this single sentence unfolds the mystery about destiny. God is not an entity separate from anyone nor it is separate from anything. In fact, the whole existence is God in its cumulative form; and, similarly the smallest possible particle (or the wave of energy) is God in its independent form. The God is not…..IS……God is ….BEING. When we understand that the God is ‘being’ then the free-will comes into play. As an Astrologer, I call it limited-free-will though this very limit has been chosen by the soul itself while choosing the pattern of life it wants to lead.
Hence, a will has been exercised by a soul and as a result thereof, it has chosen a specific time and place to take birth so that it is put into the circumstances best suited to fulfill its chosen desire; and, the things do not end here. It is because there are no fixed things and the reality does not really exist. Even on astronomical front, things keep changing with the passage of time like Sun’s entry into first point of Aries is descending @ 51’ per year and as a result ayanamsa has reached at around 24 Degrees when compared to 290 AD (approx); Moon is shifting away from Earth, the speed of rotation of Earth is slowing down [At one point of time, it used to take only 8 hours to complete one rotation], so is the case of Venus – its rotation speed also decreased with the passage of time and now it is rotating in reverse direction. What I want to say is that everything is subject to change at Macro as well as Micro level; and, so is destiny.
It is the strength given to a thought which matters most and the powerful thoughts survive and do work more effectively for longer times; like, “tum mujhe khoon do, main tumhe azadi doonga”, “angrejo, bharat chhodo”, or, “Do or die”. We all know what these thoughts did in India.
I will narrate an incident from the life of Mahatma Buddh, which I feel, is relevant to the context.
Mahatma Buddh and Anand were walking through a village and talking about destiny. Anand pulled out a small plant with roots and asked Mahatma Buddh, “What is the destiny of this plant, it will survive or not?” Mahatma Buddh told Anand that the plant will survive. Anand threw that plant back and they went on their journey. On their return journey, Anand saw that the said plant had got soil and had started growing. Anand with slight surprise, asked Mahatma Buddh as to how could He foretell that the plant would survive. Buddh told Anand, “I saw that the plant had a strong will to survive and its strong-will to survive made you throw it in an area where soil was there and thereafter the rains facilitated the roots of the plant to re-grow and the result is before you”.
There is another incident in the life of Swamy Yogananda when his Guru, Shree Yukteshwar ji who had wide knowledge of Astrology, gave him a ring to wear as a measure of protection. The ring given to Shri Yogananda was nothing but a carrier of the will of his guru, Shri Yukteshwar ji to act as a protector, a remedy for his disciple; and, when the concept of remedy comes into place, it is sufficient to establish that the modifications can be made in the already chosen destiny.
It is further learnt that the wisest of the man on this earth has been able to use only 6% of his brain and the possibilities are endless. We may require much more than 6% to understand the mechanism-of-existence in true sense. What I could visualise with my little brain is before you.
Amazing Ashok ji! Thanks for sharing...
Hello Sandeep,
I agree with you. But one must have a belief to support their goals. That's why I am so passionate about teaching PSYCH-K workshops to all who are ready and willing to take charge of their lives!

Rita Soman


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